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This blog is dedicated to the art of creative expression. Writing is a tool that can transform many lives. In fact, the written word can also provide comfort and encouragement, especially during times when “speaking” can be difficult. Do you need a vote of confidence or encouragement to make it through the day? Poetry is an art form that transcends boundaries, often taking the reader on a journey. This blog will showcase various experiences in my life, while welcoming expressive contributions from you. The first poem I will share is entitled “Hey Playa.” A player is someone associated with a team, such as basketball or football. However, a “playa” is someone who believes they can achieve things in life without trying, oftentimes exploring unethical means to achieve success. Enjoy!


Hey “Playa”

Young men, it’s time to take inventory. Be strong; do the right thing!

Hey “playa” … hater … stone cold instigator!

You think you’re slick … but you’re living a myth.

Once on the high road, making good grades.

Scholarship in tow, you were all the rage.

Role model, volunteer, mama’s good son.

Not an ounce of trouble … always a job well done!

Hey “playa” … what happened? Man, you’re a hot mess!

Givin’ up all those dreams … just to “impress.”

Temptation, money … the so-called glamorous life!

Thuggin’ … drug runnin’ … even wielding a knife!

Hey “playa,” wake up! You think you’re “oh so” cool.

Pants below your waist … foul mouth … but you’re acting a fool!

Rap sheet … hard time … So, where are your boys now?

Arrested for murder … after a drug deal gone down!

Hey “playa” … hater … change your “wicked” ways!

Once mama’s good son … now one foot in the grave.

Young man, you need to realize. That’s no way to behave!

Get away from that grave. Bury the hate!

Just realize … it’s not too late!

Hey “Playa”



© 2010 by Rameca Vincent Leary

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